IT Asset Tracking

PukkaPanel is a free web service to help you keep track of all your IT related assets, from servers to smartphones, domains to ssl certificates, software licences and service contracts and anything else you want, in the cloud or on your desk. PukkaPanel helps save you time and money and being web based there's nothing to download or install.

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Note: PukkaPanel is currently BETA!

Online Asset Status Panel

If you have online networked assets such as servers you can easily keep an eye their status and send all sorts of custom data via the API which can then be displayed on the status overview panel.

Asset Alerts

When you add an asset for tracking, you can also add various dates including when an asset should expire, for example a domain registration or SSL certificate or when hardware reaches some specifc age you define. The system can then send you timely alerts in various ways.

Linked Guides

You can create informative knowledge base guides and link them to your assets so important information or a handy tip is always to hand.

Browse Assets

PukkaPanel provides several ways to browse and find your tracked assets such as via tags in an asset cloud, also from the status panel, image gallery browsing and more so you'll always have easy access to your asset data.


PukkaPanel enables integration with your systems through our API and with other 3rd party systems via their API's. Read more about PukkaPanel integration options.

For Who?

PukkaPanel is hopefully for you! Whether you are a sysadmin or freelancer, a tech startup or SME, PukkaPanel can help you manage your ever growing array of IT assets, saving you time and money.

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